Flower Girl Dresses-Pretty Pastels for a Perfect Wedding

Published: 11th August 2010
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Next to bridal gowns, flower girl gowns are beautiful at any wedding. Most of the intrigue can be attributed to their adorable wearers. Yet flower girl dress styles and colors make an attractive statement on their own. For spring and summer events, rustles of silky fabrics and cute pastels murmur in a gentle breeze.

Cool, glowing colors such as light pink, mint green, and lovely lilac have usually been beloved for spring and summer. When it comes to weddings, it is not difficult to explain the continuing popularity of these delicate hues. Dazzling pastels can play a prominent role in any love story. Indeed, lovely pastels can help create the 'perfect' event.

Despite the romance surrounding delicate shades, their presence at weddings grew from a functional reason. Since dark colors soak up more heat, pastel shades were more agreeable for summer wedding fashions. Also, the muffled colors lend themselves to filmy fabrics such as chiffon or organza. For this year's spring/summer weddings, terrific tulle is anticipated to be the most sought-after fabric for flower girl dresses.

A cozy dress is foremost for a happy flower girl. Yet at first sight of their flower girl outfit, little girls won't be enchanted by the common sense details but rather more by the royal quality. Lovely pastels add to the caprice, fun, and fascination of the flower girl adventure.

Attired in a lilac mirror organza and two layers of tulle enveloping crystal satin, every little girl will see a princess in the mirror. A pink embroidered taffeta tulle is flawless for the belle of the ball. A gorgeous peach matte satin bodice can top off a tea-length skirt with satin butterfly accents.

Tiny princesses love glitter and pastels shine a little brighter with a whisper of dazzle. A silky blue organza with rhinestones lends a magnificent touch. Silver and gold accents look fabulous against a pale background. Add a bit of glimmer with flower girl jewelry. Select becoming pieces and stick with a single chain or necklace.

Near a pastel fabric, delicate embellishments - sparkling sequins, exquisite beading, pearl buttons - take on an extra charm. Mix and match pearls and flowers in blue rosebud pearl flower girl dresses . A pink matte satin A-line, with a floral-and-vine design, looks adorable with hints of sequins, beads, and flowers.

Pastels are naturals for fabulous floral patterns. Whether on formal gowns or cotton dresses, floral accents, flowery prints, and dainty appliqu├ęs are always popular for spring/summer events. During summer 2010, small flower patterns will make exceptional leaps in women and girls' event gowns.

An increased accent on nature is apparent in this year's latest fashions. Soft shades of graceful green - mint green, pale green, even lime green as a highlight color - add innate beauty to any bridal party. A mint green/lilac embroidered polka-dot taffeta adds just the right hint of green in a fun style. Faded greens are perfect for outdoor events.

Indeed, the best characteristic of pastels is their versatility. gorgeous pastels add whimsy to any wedding festivity anywhere - solemn, simple, or even a very casual beach wedding. Luxurious pinks, gentle greens, or soothing blues can have an incredible effect in any setting.

Possibly the firmest proof of the magic of pastels for flower girl dresses rests in the most recent wedding trend. Modern brides, having witnessed the charming appeal of their pastel-clad flower girls, are now doing the same.

Right in time for spring/summer 2010, there are a mounting plenitude of pastel wedding gowns available. It looks like the rest of the bridal party doesn't want to lose out on the beautiful pastels and that consummate wedding.


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